Why networking is a vital skill for business owners?

My guest in this podcast is Barbara Ann Fitzpatrick, Founder of Kindred Business Networking (based in the UK & Ireland) who discusses with me “Why networking is a vital skill for business owners“.

Barbara had a long career in the corporate world and a few years ago in troubled economic times in her 50s found herself redundant, but wanting to move on decided to re-invent herself.

Whilst working in the field of product promotion, she found that the old reliable of LinkedIn was not enough for her as she noticed a scarcity of groups that were really of interest to her and caused her to begin her own networking group initially in London.

When the pandemic arrived she was requested to keep things going online which she has successfully done, and she helps: sole traders and self-employed people network effectively with like-minded people who are passionate about their business and its growth


Just some of the Topics covered in the Podcast:


Why its all about a relationship?

Common networking mistakes

Why authenticity is important?

How to network to get results.

Like everything in life, networking is a skill, and the more you learn and do it correctly, the better results for your business. How often have we had a chat and the right person can give us the answer or inspire an idea that makes a big difference in business?

    To learn more about Barbara and her business, take a moment and visit her website to learn more about what she has to offer you.

    getting economic opportunities from LinkedIn.

    Contact Details – Barbara Ann Fitzpatrick

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