Hey there, I´m Rosemary and and I want to help you promote your business online!

Hi, I’m Rosemary!

I have spent over a decade working online as an online marketer and remote worker in business promotion online.

I began my online journey a decade ago doing social media training particularly with the big 3- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and then filled the need of some clients by managing social accounts.


In recent years I have moved more into the realm of creating actual digital content for WordPress websites and social media promotion. Very few clients in my experience find it easy to create digital content, not always because of their lack of ideas but rather because the number of moving parts involved in creating content for digital consumption is overwhelming to them.

That is where I can often help!.

Learning through practice and error how to glue it all together


Honesty and saying it as it is!

I’m not out preventing to reinvent the wheel- rather, helping you to make the wheel work.
No Catches or Legalese!

Never had an interest in complicated legal agreements, I work by project or on a time basis. So no burdensome legal contracts.

Teamwork and working as a team player!

Teamwork is really what its all about – keeping both sides interested and engaged in the project.

No exaggerating -No over-promising

No one button to cure all- no false promises- and no overpromising about miraculous cures to all online ills.

I Keep Updated!

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I love online marketing and learning new skills


I have an adorable rough collie


I´m obsessed with house plants


My guilty pleasure is chocolate when no one's watching


My favorite drink is now the alkaline water


I can´t live without 2 daily walks


See what service area is best for you

I am a Canva Champion

Design matters and Canva is used by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

Coaching and Training

I help small business learn the essentials through Zoom training and workshops.


New installations – Revamps and Training about WordPress basics.


Content Creation Help

Creating content afresh or along with you using your own content for social media & WordPress.


We were delighted when Rosemary came on board with us as a Social Media consultant. She is very professional and will do her very utmost to help and advise with any project, She greatly assisted us when setting up our new website & online shop. I can’t recommend Rosemary highly enough and appreciate her efforts in building up the TK brand online.

Ted Kelleher

It’s my absolute pleasure to write a testimonial for Rosemary to acknowledge the time and effort that she gave to developing a website for me that was congruent with my values and ministry. The first time Rosemary came to my attention was when she introduced herself to me on LinkedIn. It’s been my experience that Rosemary is a professional who gives adequate time to determine what her client requires, and then works incredibly hard to deliver on what’s promised. I have found Rosemary to be a fair and incredibly patient person. Her level of engagement has been commendable. I’m thrilled with the website for Ceremonial Services and have been receiving excellent feedback on it. I have no hesitation in recommending Rosemary or her company for website development

Caroline Lennon    ceremonialservices.ie

I would highly recommend Rosemary O’Shaughnessy, Freelance Digital Content Manager. Extremely professional and conscientious. Excellent eye for detail. Very knowledgeable in her field. She listened to my brief and delivered above expectations. Regularly liaised and she explained everything that was being done in a transparent manner. I would trust Rosemary 100% and I will be asking her for my future business needs. Her professionalism is outstanding. I am so glad I decided to go ahead with her services. Can’t thank her enough. Thanks very much, Rosemary for everything.

Sharon Fitzpatrick

Where to next?

Check Out my blog page or blog categories and visit my services page if you want to learn what I offer.

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