About Me- Rosemary O Shaughnessy

About Me- Rosemary O Shaughnessy

ABOUT ME – ROSEMARY O SHAUGHNESSY – Hi, I’m Rosemary! I have spent over a decade working online as an online marketer and remote worker in business promotion online.

I create digital content for WordPress websites and material for social media promotion. I also do starter websites for small business.

I train clients on How To:

Use LinkedIn to market their services and business.

Use Canva, so they can control their own design in a cost-effective way

Lots of my leads use LinkedIn, but often very poorly, so I enjoy training them to use LinkedIn rather than just be on it.

Very few clients in my experience find it easy to create digital content, not always because of their lack of ideas, but rather because the number of moving parts involved in creating content for digital consumption is overwhelming to them.

That is where I can often help!



Helping You To Learn through practice and error how to glue it all together


With Honesty and saying it as it is!

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I’m not out preventing to reinvent the wheel- rather, helping you to make the wheel work.
No Catches or Legalese!

Never had an interest in complicated legal agreements, I work by project or on a time basis. So no burdensome legal contracts.

And by working as a team player with you!

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Teamwork is really what it’s all about – keeping both sides interested and engaged in the project.

No exaggerating -No over-promising

No one button to cure all and no false promises- and no overpromising about miraculous cures to all online ills.


See what service area is best for you

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LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn Done For You

WordPress Starter Sites

Design Help & Training

LinkedIn Training

I offer LinkedIn training to teach anyone the essential ingredients to make this powerful platform work for you and your business.

Instead of just being another platform you are on, learn how to use it efficiently and more quickly.

LinkedIn Done For You

For people who are time shy we can create your content for you or work with you to create a content plan.

We will also work with you to re-purpose to save time and maximise use of existing valuable digital content.

WordPress Starter Sites

For getting you started with your site, up and running quickly and revamp of outdated sites - using the Divi theme and builder with included basic training, so you can do many of the basics yourself going forward.

Design Help & Training

Canva is often called "digital design for the masses" but because there are so many capabilities you can get lost in it. We offer customised and personalised training so that you can learn proficiency in the features that you need and will use in practice

For busy business owners we also offer a done for you or a done with you service..

I believe in Keeping My Skills Updated

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Some Client Testimonials

Where to next?


Check Out my blog page or blog categories and visit my services page if you want to learn what I offer.

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