Are You Projecting a Confident & Stylish Image?

Are You Projecting a Confident & Stylish Image? This is an interesting Podcast with Rosee Elliott an author whose specialty field is in helping people empower themselves to present a confident image.

Rosee talks to me about her new book ‘ Behind The Mirror’ and how it can help lots of people out there.

Rosee believes many of us have a habit of self-sabotaging when it comes to a confident image, and her philosophy and business is in getting inner confidence to prosper and to manifest itself on the outside as a follow-through.

Rosee  is signing copies and including 2 little extras! 

Visit Www.gobehindthemirror.com

Listen to the Podcast to learn more.

People who have lost confidence, self-belief with a habit of self-sabotage.

People who feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

People who worry about what others think, you’re

  • too fat,
  • too thin,
  • too tall, too short
  • too blonde, too grey
  • too old, too young

People who experience guilt/shame around their own perceptions of how they look.

Stop sabotaging yourself.

Tame your Drama Queen (Inner Critic).

Be empowered by colour and style.

Save yourself time and money.

Discover your real confident and courageous self.

getting economic opportunities from LinkedIn.

Contact Details – Rosee Elliott

helping coaches to get their message out there



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