How to tell your business story with great copy?

This week I speak to Lea Tierney who is a Messaging Mentor and Copywriter for heart-led businesses about How to tell your business story with great copy.

Our Podcast chat is about the importance of storytelling for business and marketing your product or service.

Yes, incorporating Storytelling into your marketing mix takes time and consistency but for centuries we have all loved hearing stories. Telling a story gives a voice to who you are. We can relate to a story, picturing ourselves as part of it.

Why tell your story, how can it be told to attract customers or leads?

Because stories can start conversations about how your product or service can help your ideal customers or clients to achieve their dream lives.

Because stories can start conversations about how your product or service can help. Curiosity and emotions help us remember stories.

Your story should be aligned on all sites and social media, with a clear consistent message remembering that when using different sites we can have a different mindset which will affect how we perceive a story. In the podcast, we chat about how to write a story to hold a reader’s attention.


“53% of shoppers say they always do research before they buy to ensure they are making the best possible choice. (Source-Google)

Storytelling Tips and Suggestions in the Podcast:

Write the story from the perspective of what’s in it for me.

Why you should keep your story simple with a beginning middle and end.

  • What action do you want your readers to take?
  • What is your mission – What do you want to achieve and how?
  • Use your unique voice, we all have our own story
  • Think about who are your targeted audience – Who are your ideal clients
  •  What are the challenges/problems of your ideal audience

Keep things simple for your targeted market For Who and Why What transformation do you offer?

getting economic opportunities from LinkedIn.

Lea Tierney Contact Details

Website:      leatierney.co.uk

Email:  –lea@leatierney.co.uk

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lea-tierney



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