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Yes, it’s a social platform BUT it’s also the largest professional network in the world, with members who come back regularly to check in, network and learn about how they can optimize their careers and businesses.

This means you aren’t just targeting or reaching out to a warm body. You are reaching and engaging a captive audience that’s listening!

LinkedIn was the most trusted social media site for the fifth consecutive year 

Intelligence Insider’s US Digital Trust Survey.

My LinkedIn Training

I offer training to help you get the most out of LinkedIn so that you will be confident to create strong foundations firstly and secondly you will be confident in promoting and managing your account going forward within realistic time frameworks.


More details about how I can help you benefit from Your Profile.

Promotion - Management

Learn how I can help you benefit with promoting & managing your a/c.


More details about how Linkedin can benefit you in a job search.

LinkedIn Profile – Getting It Right

LinkedIn Profiles

Your Profile is like the foundations of your house and should be respected as such. We can train you to create, edit and modify your profile confidently, covering the 7 key elements of a profile one by one. 

LinkedIn Profile Training

Covering essentials & best practices.

Getting Leads & Managing Your Account 

LinkedIn Leads & Management

Having created a great profile you have to move on to promote it and consistently manage your account as well. We teach you the key best practices to adopt so you go forward with confidence and save time.

LinkedIn Prospecting

And teaching you how to manage your account to save time and be more productive.

LinkedIn For Jobseekers

LinkedIn for Jobseekers

Recruiters expect you there- what will they find -how do you compare with your competitors? We can help you setup or edit your account so you get noticed.


Giving you the roadmap to get noticed by prospective employers & agencies.

Helping you to compete with your competitors.

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