So Why Do Headlines Matter?

Why Headlines Matter- In this short podcast, I consider some benefits of thinking about the Headlines when creating and preparing your Digital Content.”

  • You are in a shop -see a Magazine-What most often grabs your attention?
  • For many its the cover headlines.
  • Same with a glance at Newspapers- The Headlines!.

You create a really good useful blog post- its fighting for attention to stand out from the noise online- a Great Headline will go a long way towards Getting it Noticed, giving that content the love and attention it deserves.

Why Headlines Matter – PODCAST OUTLINE:

In this Podcast, I consider why headlines matter as a hook to viewers to stand out and in a fishing analogy -they work to reel the fish in.

  • I consider different headline types.
  • Why they work
  • From “Lists” to “How To’s” and much more.
  • And I reference a free resource.


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