The importance of being calm to make better decisions

An Interview with an Expert Karen Oliver Coaching & Energy Therapist.


The importance of being calm – Most of us realise the importance of being calm in our work lives so to examine this topic further, this week, for my Podcast I spoke to Karen Oliver who is Personal Coach and Energy Therapist running her own business for over 18 years.

During the Podcast we discussed the importance of energy, being calm and relaxed to make better decisions. 

Karen uses EFT- (Emotional Freedom Technique) visualisation and much more to help her clients.

We discussed:

  • how energy works and how to help increase your energy levels.
  • how one can focus on the unconscious to help you make changes in your life

We also discussed working from home during Covid-19 and how being surrounded by technology can affect our health when boundaries between working and everyday life are not as clear when working remotely.

During this chat, we also discussed:

  • EMF shields which Karen uses herself.
  • How Karen recommends meditation.
  • The importance of taking time to relax, and resting.

Another area Karen helps clients is with visualisation.

How to make visualisation work, for clarity & focus, to help it to serve you.

Lastly, we discussed running a business for a wellness practitioner during Covid-19 and what has worked for Karen.

The importance of networking with like-minded people and how therapists recommend other specialists.

How during Covid-19  zoom has opened new opportunities people only want to know what you can do, and not the same concern about location when hiring a therapist.

How many therapists have thrived during Covid-19 and how Karen herself has given presentations which have created new opportunities as people learn about skills and how you can help them.

Also discussed how Karen has used Linkedin during Covid-19

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the importance of being calm

The Importance of being Calm in your business

You can visit Karen’s website at  Karen Oliver Website.


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