SME Community Ireland & UK

SME Community Ireland & UK

In this week’s podcast, I speak with Debbie Ringwood from themarketingshop.ie  where we chat about the SME Community Ireland & UK on Linkedin and support for business online.
The SME community started on Twitter around 10 years ago with the aim of supporting business online and offline. 
Despite issues that prevented us from being really active with the group – nevertheless today the community has a LinkedIn group of nearly 700 members
  • We believe it is the right time to activate the group again now that Ireland is open for business again
  •  During covid19 more people have been using Linkedin from looking for jobs or indeed businesses looking for advice about how to trade in a changing market
  • The advantage of a community such as this one is that the SME members have different talents and skills to help support and guide others.
  • Different businesses have different challenges and its helpful to be able to turn to a community.

The aim of the SME Community LinkedIn group is 

  • Is for it to be a safe space for members to enjoy.
  • To be a place where people can share ideas and advice, a few people sharing advice can help find solutions to challenges far easier than if you are operating totally by yourself.
  • A place to give each other advice as things change when people return to work.
  • Do you want to learn about online tools that others could recommend?
  • Advice on how to work with freelancers and remote .


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Debbie’s Recommendations
  • Have a plan be cautious as things are still changing
  • Look forward and take action.
My Slant
  • What did you learn from your customers during covid19 times about the changed buying habits of clients or customers?
  • What can you do now to give customers or clients more of what they want and thereby help your business grow? 

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