Economic Opportunities from LinkedIn?

Economic Opportunities from LinkedIn?

Getting Economic Opportunities from LinkedIn – A Podcast with an Expert

In this week’s podcast, I speak with Jim Meldrum about getting economic opportunities from LinkedIn. Jim and I speak about the opportunities that are available to any business out there through using LinkedIn effectively. Jim is a LinkedIn expert and runs specialist workshops on using LinkedIn for as he says “economic opportunities” as well as offering one to one personal training for private clients.

 We had an interesting chat on zoom wherein we discussed a number of issues relating to LinkedIn :


1. Understanding who your target audience is.

2. Making changes to your LinkedIn profile to make it business-ready.

3. We also discussed the question of LinkedIn content in general and Jim pointed out that those who regularly post will get ahead of most of their competition quickly simply because of the numbers

4. We discussed the importance of being educational and the concept of giving to get to establish trust.

5. Why using a video may not really be better than text?

6. We also discussed some recent LinkedIn new features and Jim had an interesting take about what he strongly felt should not be turned on?


I would strongly urge you to listen to the podcast with an expert who really knows his stuff in so far as LinkedIn is concerned

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getting economic opportunities from LinkedIn.


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