A Business Choosing the right social platform?

A Business Choosing the right social platform?

The unrealistic business owner!

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Picking the right social media business channel?

Is your Business Using the right social platform? There are pros and cons to all of the major social media platforms. Just like there are pros and cons to many things in life.

My post is directed mainly to online start-ups to not rush like a headless chicken into creating all sorts of social channels without some serious thought, research and reflection. Abandoned social accounts give the wrong impression to an online audience, so why even go there in the first place!.

I obviously speak to all sorts of business owners in differing sectors.

What has astounded me over the years is when you have that initial chat with a lead and you sometimes encounter something like this:

My product or service is so great that the world will care“. Hmmm.

I want to promote my product or service on all of the major social sites out there”.Hmmm.

And the practical considerations:

Who is going to do the actual work-

how are you going to build relevant followers-

What’s the plan to do so?

Whats the content plan? Hmmm.

The conversation turns often to shock-horror when you explain that to do that requires a considerable:

time commitment and hard work that there is no magic button- tools to help, yes- and, no guarantee of success.

When you mention- measuring, tweaking and testing- some simply just don’t get it and probably never will!

Most people have a foot in the physical and in the virtual world nowadays.<.

Appreciate that social media is one of the keys to open a door online to brand recognition, new relationship opportunities and engagement with existing customers and supporters.

They have considered what social platform might be the likeliest fit for their sector and promoting their business and they seek advice on best practices to hit that platform running.

Realistic business people respect the concept of hard work coupled with testing and tweaking and making plans to see over time- what works and what doesn’t.

It’s only logical!

The Realistic Business Owner

Remember, not all social media platforms are necessarily a fit?

Starting out, make an educated but informed guess to identify which platform your target audience is already using.

Seek outside help or guidance, before committing to the necessary work that has to follow.

Maybe what’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.<.

Make a plan- and devote yourself to that platform.

Measure your work and learn what was popular and what wasn’t.

Give your audience more of what’s working.

It does get quicker and easier with time and practice.


Remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if you build it well it will stand to you!.

I specialise in helping Businesses who provide services , professionals , freelancers, health , wellness, local and  Startups.  Designing , Creating and  Managing  WordPress Sites. Presenting online workshops 1 to 1 training on zoom. Creating digital content blog posts , social video , social graphics and much more. The focus of my business is to help business to compete in the online space by creating customer focused content. I really enjoy teaching and helping business understand what to do and how to promote their businesses in the online space

Rosemary O Shaughnessy

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