Podcast: Are You a camera-shy business owner?

Podcast: Are You a camera-shy business owner?

Are you another camera-shy business owner?

For the camera-shy business owner – in this week’s Podcast I chat with Kier Adair who is a brand photographer who works in person and virtually and she coaches camera-shy business owners.

We discuss the importance of being confident in front of a camera so that you are shown in your best light.

Kier works for women business owners who need the confidence to be seen.

She builds relationships with her clients before the photoshoot. On the day of the photoshoot, it is about having fun and so you are at your best. As the saying goes the camera never lies. When you feel good, confident and energetic it comes across in your photo’s.

Being at ease with a camera is so important with the help of your professional photographer. Feeling good makes your personality shine for your brand photos. Confidence builds trust which is very important for businesses.

How can you be confident for your brand photo’s

Your mindset is in a good mood. What are your best points to show? Avoid double chins elevate your shoulders and back.  Positive thinking. Confidence to show your imperfections. What part of you do you want to focus on?

Benefits of a Brand Photographer

Brand photos can be taken without you having to travel for a professional photoshoot.
Through an app Kier can take control of your camera. Kier has a brand consultation before a photoshoot, so she understands what you wish to portray.
Virtual photography is really relaxed and fun as you are in your own setting?
Virtual photos work for all ages – It works for techie and non-techie alike.
Images are downloaded by Kier edited and then you receive a gallery of photos.
Kier can work with people all over the globe.

According to a Study “72% Women Camera Shy” “72% of women do not like getting their photos taken”.



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I specialise in helping businesses that provide services, professionals,  health, wellness, local,  and freelancers. Designing, Creating and  Managing  WordPress Sites. Presenting online workshops 1 to 1 training on zoom. Creating digital content.  The focus of my business is to help businesses to compete in the online space by creating customer-focused content. I really enjoy teaching and helping business owners and their staff understand what to do and how to promote their businesses in the online space.  I have a Podcast that aims to support businesses speaking to business owners and experts and also sharing digital content advice.

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