Podcast Benefits of working with remote workers?

Podcast Benefits of working with remote workers?

Some benefits of working with remote workers (and ideas)

In this short podcast, I consider some benefits of working with remote workers – the question of “why hire a remote worker?”

 The benefits in hiring a freelancer or remote worker,  how to communicate and interact and The The time-saving benefits in forming a good relationship


This podcast focuses upon inter alia a few areas about working with remote workers and in particular.

  • remote workers are usually skilled in what they offer.
  • save time in having promotional content created.
  • Project Management Tools to keep on track.
  • a remote worker can be a long term asset.


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In the podcast, I reference the generality of PROJECT MANAGEMENT tools and I recommend these two:


Do not be intimidated by them because they are of great benefit to both the remote worker and the employer ( and there are numerous tutorials online on using them).


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Rosemary O Shaughnessy

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