Feeling overwhelmed by online marketing? 

For lots of businesses in Ireland, online marketing can quickly start to feel overwhelming, frustrating, and even daunting.

Perfectly understandable because for many online promotion is just part of an overall ideal equation, because there is a real business to run offline in the real world bring with it all the stresses of day to day operations. 

Many out there in Ireland just like elsewhere are feeling overwhelmed by the online part and feeling that they aren’t achieving the results they would like from their efforts. 

It’s the most natural feeling at times to feel overwhelmed by online marketing because the process has lots of moving parts:  

  • So many different bits to it all 
  • Lots of Time needed
  • So many choices to make 
  • Platforms constantly changing 
  • So much to learn and no time to learn, practice and do 

There are online opportunities out there for most Irish businesses to explore and take advantage of but you need a plan to pursue a strategy that fits into your daily or weekly life?

  • What strategies should you be using?
  •  How do you go about implementing them successfully?
  • What about tracking the results of your efforts?     

Despite the opportunities digital marketing can provide to small businesses in Ireland, many have dismissed the idea of using online mediums properly to promote brand awareness and business – which is a huge mistake.  

If you feel that digital marketing just isn’t for you, you are not alone, but like it or not you are letting competitors have free run of the pitch-unopposed.  They like you! 

So, maybe you could consider the ReStart Button? 


Accept that you CANNOT DO IT ALL! The Reality Is – None of Us Can!

Why The ReStart Button? Well, the internet is riddled with sites and social media accounts that look and feel abandoned. A restart is required, but instead of trying to do it all work out a plan and decide to use the platform that is the best fit for your business.

“Content is King” – Bill Gates.

Say Twitter is a good fit for you to promote – then concentrate on it and give it your all.


Just one blog post a week on your website equates to 52 done in a year, all making your site appear more authoritative.

Abandoned sites or social media accounts portray a very poor impression online. Remember people are forgiving as well as being unforgiving – nobody expects a local business to be Microsoft!

  • PStick to and Master the platform or tool that you are comfortable with!
  • PThe old saying is true "Practice Makes Perfect"
  • PIf for example you love Twitter but are uneasy using Facebook- hire an independent contractor for Facebook
  • PIt's a marathon not a sprint and CONSISTENCY wins the race

I am a LinkedIn Certified Marketing Insider and a Canva Champion, and I specialise in helping freelancers and business owners promote their business online.  I Design and Manage WordPress Sites, Offer LinkedIn Training, and I do online workshops/ 1 to 1 /or group training on Zoom. I also Create promotional content through Canva and more. The focus of my business is to help small business to compete in the online space by creating customer-focused content. I have a podcast that offers advice and tips for freelancers and business owners, and I interview specialists in many spheres.

Rosemary O Shaughnessy

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