Interview with Facebook Ads Expert.


This week’s Interview is with a Facebook Ads Expert – Karolyn J Gamble- and we discuss how targeted Facebook advertising can help your business grow.

Most businesses need new blood on a continuing basis, and every business needs to market itself. Once upon a time, we advertised on the local radio or a newspaper but with the growth of the digital world, the need to market ourselves online crept into the equation whether we liked it or not because the simple fact is our ideal customers spend part of their lives there.

Whatever your view of FaceBook itself as a platform – the simple fact of the matter is that its one of the biggest players online and their ads can give many businesses out there a huge boost online as many will attest to. For those of you who are considering utilising ads for the online side of your business, this podcast should be of interest to you.


I really enjoyed my chat with Karolyn delving into some understanding about how the Facebook Ads Platform can help your business grow.

During the interview we discussed.

  • What type of ads work
  • How to get attention quickly
  • Design and headlines
  • The difference between search and interruption marketing
  • We discussed visuals and video 
  • Ad Copy
  • Structure to engage and create a desire
  • A clear simple call to action. 
  • Budget
  • Time it the key to success 

Listen to it below and share the post!



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Interview with a Facebook Ads Expert

Contact details for Karolyn J Gamble

Website: www.karolyngamble.co.uk

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/karolyngambleagency


I specialise in helping Businesses who provide services , professionals , freelancers, health , wellness, local and  Startups.  Designing , Creating and  Managing  WordPress Sites. Presenting online workshops 1 to 1 training on zoom. Creating digital content blog posts , social video , social graphics and much more. The focus of my business is to help business to compete in the online space by creating customer focused content. I really enjoy teaching and helping business understand what to do and how to promote their businesses in the online space

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