Interview with Jez Hunt about Getting Purpose into Your Business.



Getting Purpose into your Business: most of us running a business, including coaches and therapists often need to step back and consider what we are doing and what we could do better.

We operate in an ever-changing world and sometimes we need to reflect upon what we can do and what we can actually control.

With these issues in mind In my Podcast this week I spoke to an appropriate expert- Jez Hunt who helps coaches, healers and therapists have a business with purpose.

During my chat with Jez,  we discussed

  • How to keep a business on track during Covid-19
  • Why not to panic if under stress
  • What you can do 
  • Why meditation can help business people 
  • The importance of using your intuition
  • The importance of clearing your mind and relaxing
  • Challenges and about how to adapt beliefs
  • Focus respond rather than be reactive
  • Why the answers are within us
  • And more…..


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getting purpose into your business

Getting Purpose into Your Business-Jez Hunts  website & Contact Details



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7 Days to Self Meditation Programme:

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£30 off Discount Code for both the Meditations and Workshop for your listeners:  ROS-JH-30


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