Digital Content Manager Certification – Committed To Keeping Skills Updated!

I have always sought to keep up to date simply because the online world never keeps still. It constantly evolves.

We all know that when hiring a freelancer- we expect them to have the necessary skills to do the job- so certification should matter to anyone paying for an online service.

Acquiring certification takes time effort even for those of us who know the online world but I believe it is important to show my audience that I am well versed in online marketing skills and am committed like any professional to ongoing continuing professional development.

Social Media Certified

Your Virtual Assistant Online - My Certification-social media

Google Digital Garage

Your Virtual Assistant Online - My Certification-content marketing

Content Marketing

Your Virtual Assistant Online - My Certification-content marketing

Growth Driven Design

Your Virtual Assistant Online - My Certification-growth driven design

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Sales Marketing

Email Marketing Certified

Google Analytics

Inbound Certified

Frictionless Sales Certified

Sales Enablement Certified

Rosemary O Shaughnessy I specialize in helping Local Businesses – Promote their online business through Digital Content. We Create – WordPress Websites, Blog Posts, Powerpoint Video and SlideShares. We set up Social Media optimised profiles and accounts. The focus of our business is helping local businesses to compete in the online space by increasing brand awareness.

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