Converting Recommendations to Sales?

In times past converting recommendations to sales was a little easier than nowadays, because in times past the online aspect to a business was not as critical as today.

Word of Mouth recommendations were always the lifeblood of a business- and indeed they still are, save that an online search aspect creeps into the equation.

Let’s be realistic for a moment- for example, Mary recommends accountant Jim to her friend Jill.

Highly likely Jill will research Jim the accountant thoroughly online also before making that final decision to hire!.

  • Does Jim have a website?
  • If he has does it look the part?
  • Does it clearly set out what he does?

In the Podcast, I consider factors not to ignore so that you are dealing with that offline recommendation online effectively!


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Resources Mentioned in the Podcast?

WordPress: A platform that grows and grows and a must for any start-up.

Link: WordPress

Divi WordPress Theme: One of the biggest theme providers out there meaning it is continually updated with lots of help and resources available online.

Link: Elegant Themes

SiteGround Hosting: Remember SiteGround is recommended by WordPress themselves.

Link: SiteGround

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