Building Confidence for Business in 2021 an Interview with a Business Confidence Coach 

Natalie King.


Building Confidence for Business in 2021 matters for many because, In the unique times, we are currently living through it is easy to feel dejected when it comes to online marketing and sometimes we have to build up our confidence to embark on something new for example.

From seeking a pay rise to creating new online content that you know your audience likes but you are uncomfortable with the “new”.

In these changing times, we all need to build the confidence to go for it.

I was delighted to interview Natalie King who is a business confidence coach and when it comes to the issue of “confidence” you can learn something from the podcast to input into your business model.

In this Podcast we discuss-

  • Natalie’s background as a confidence coach
  • Why vulnerability can actually be a good thing in your business life.
  • Why networking with like-minded people builds confidence.
  • Why seeking advice builds confidence.
  • Why “stuck in fear” stunts business growth
  • and more


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Building Confidence for Business in 2021

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In this podcast, I interview Lady Adey who is an online expert in the world of online business networking - we discuss business networking and how to use business networking effectively online in 2021.

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In the Podcast I consider:

why your mindset is important
dealing with conflicting advice
putting online marketing on the long finger
why focus on what comes more naturally to you
and more


This podcast focuses upon in particular about how you should hire a remote worker or freelancer.

How you should engage with them.
The importance of setting boundaries & communication properly.
Tools you can use with your remote worker.

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