2021 Business preparation and planning for success

It’s nearly that time of year again and for 2021 Business preparation and planning has to be considered by anyone who has an online arm in their business:

In this Podcast I consider-


  • Are you ready and prepared for business and opportunities as they happen in 2021.
  • Take time to reflect what has worked during 2020 and you want to do more in 2021.
  • What did not work in 2020 and do you need to change your plans etc.
  • Your sales process is there room for improvement so you can speed up your sales conversion time.
  • Review your plans simple, flexible that you can adapt if needed to achieve your goals
  • Celebrate your successes, so you can repeat and achieve more success in 2021.


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Rosemary O ShaughnessyI specialize in helping Businesses and online Startups to promote their business through Digital Content. We Create – WordPress Sites, Blog Posts, Powerpoint Video and SlideShares. We set up Social Media optimised profiles and accounts. We also offer 1 to 1 training on Zoom. The focus of our business is to help local business to compete in the online space by increasing brand awareness and engagement.

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