Why SlideShares Matter?

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Why Use SlideShare?

It is surprising that many businesses promoting themselves online do not factor SlideShare into the online arsenal. Yes, they may not always be suitable for some digital content but at times they are in fact ideal and come with the biggest benefit of all – namely that they rank well in the search engines presumably because of the connection to LinkedIn.

Sometimes SlideShares Are Ideal For Your Message


Slideshares are very often ignored by local businesses,  surprising considering they are part of the LinkedIn family.

LinkedIn has always been a trusted source online.

Not only that but Slideshares rank highly on the search engines and get shared a lot.


Whilst not always suitable to use when you can they are a great way to get a message out and indeed rank online for that message.

They are a Great Way To summarize an Issue or a Solution to something.

For example, if you already have a Blog Post that performed well, that post could be repurposed into a SlideShare to get extra mileage out of the content. SlideShare can be created using Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote, or OpenOffice. If you want to explain something for example through a set of steps or maybe a checklist then a SlideShare might be ideal. Maybe teaser points from a course you are offering?

Just Some Benefits

  • RThey Drive Traffic to your Website!
  • RThey Improve Your Google ranking!
  • RThey can build email subscribers!
  • RThey get seen by other businesses!


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