Lots of Us Need a Helping Hand


Would You Like To Be Able To Create Your Own Digital Content and Publish it Online?

Do you need help or guidance about how to create -edit-format, digital content?

Need help or guidance on how to use social media to promote your content?



We can work with you to show you how to create your own unique blog posts from research to publishing.



Integral to all online marketing and we will show you how to create, optimise & edit.



Help your content to be found and seen online. You need to learn the basics.



Unfortunately, you cannot just copy and paste a word doc- there’s more to learn.



A PT Barnum quote ” Without promotion something terrible happens-Nothing.”

So Much To Do & Learn

Promoting Your Business Online is easier said than done!

Lots of moving parts- lots of platforms – lots of content types!

Have You Any Plan?.

Have you the knowledge or skill to do it all?

What We Do

We offer 1 to 1 consulting on Zoom and provide you with advice and a plan of action to put into practice.

We Can DO WORK FOR YOU or we can DO WORK WITH YOU to create digital content for your online business promotion.

Our aim is to get you comfortable with the process of creating and publishing your own content and not being totally at the mercy of web designers.

Our Services

Blog Posts

An opportunity to Inform, Educate and advise an online audience about who you are and what you can do!

PowerPoint Video

Create short video, ideal for sharing on your social media platforms. 

Being Able To Do It Yourself

Content Creation is not difficult if you have the right foundations- understand them and then you get to decorate your house.

Learning and Planning Ahead

We constantly interact with business owners who got a site created, but going forward have no clue how actually do anything with it themselves. Such as creating a simple blog post!

We Believe that that is a crying shame when blogging, for example, is really a process that most people can learn with some help and guidance.

Yes, there is a time factor involved, but no real cost so ask yourself would sharing your own content be better than sharing cute cat videos on your social platforms.


Help and Support

To create content online has, in fact, got easier over the years but the problem is dealing with all of the moving parts.

There is no magic button to miraculously do it all for you.

Everyone needs help and support to get things done.

What we offer is to team up with you to develop an online plan for your business and to create content for you or along with you.

Why Do Blog Posts Matter?

They give you an opportunity to write about what you know-your sector-your business- news relevant to your sector, and all of a sudden your site becomes interesting and authoritative. All of a sudden you have your own content to promote on social media instead of promoting others!

Why Consider Powerpoint Video?

High end video obviously is powerful but there is an obvious cost factor involved in hiring a high end videographer.

Powerpoint can create short simple video that is ideal for uploading to social platforms and help you stand out.

Why Social Media Promotion?

Even a simple blog post takes time-researching-formatting-editing uploading and publishing. Next, you need eyeballs on the content and utilising social media to promote the content to a large audience is a must.

Our Service Areas

Just Some Areas We Can Help You With!.

Help with Blog Posts


Social Media Advice & Help

Creating a Plan of Action

Using WordPress to its potential

Training to help you do it yourself!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

What Some Clients Say

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