Interview with Sharon Fitzpatrick Who gives us tips for healthy eating & living.



This podcast is about tips for healthy eating & living and habits to adopt that can help us all. And, Who doesn’t love home-cooked food?.

The old adage ” we are what we eat ” comes to mind and if you think about it we all realize that eating poorly affects how we operate daily in our lives.

Therefore I was delighted to interview  Sharon Fitzpatrick- the owner of Lifestyle with Sharon currently a YouTube channel teaching you how to actually cook great home-cooked food.

Sharon is shortly launching a website to complement her youtube channel to bring her home cooking tips to a wider audience.

Sharon wants to empower people to improve their cooking skills and therefore live healthier lives.

In the Podcast we discuss :

  • Food for optimum health 
  • Best practices to help manage stress 
  • How to manage to-do lists
  • How to avoid procrastination
  • Tips for running a business
  • Why home cooking can also be easily organised into your schedules
  • And more…..



lifestyle with sharon

Learn How to Cook Delicious Home Cooked -Healthy Food Here

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