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The Divi Builder brings a powerhouse to your fingertips when designing website pages or posts. From making it easy to import pre-made templates to designing your own page from scratch.

Spacing, colour customisations, text/ image design and display -all so customisable.

Using the front end builder you see your work progressing in front of you!

The beauty of Divi is that you can do most of your customizing-for pages/posts – right on the front end. Meaning that instead of having to wonder what your modifications are going to look like on a live site, you see in front of you what your design looks like as you build. 

Some of the modules available in the Divi Builder

The Divi theme as wll as the builder contains more than enough modules to help you build pretty much any type of website

  • Accordion
  • Call to Action
  • Audio
  • Side Bar
  • Toggle
  • Blog
  • Buttons
  • Code
  • Circle Counter
  • Countdown
  • Slider
  • Post Slider
  • Video Slider
  • Email Optin
  • Contact Form
  • Gallery
  • Images
  • Tabs
  • Team-Person
  • And More......

Divi Builder

Bloom - Email

Monarch- Social Media

Page Building Easy-Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is at the core of it all – you can do so much through it. Starting out you have 100+ pre-built layouts or you create your design from scratch.

Email Marketing Covered

Divi packages the Bloom email marketing plugin – which makes it easier to seek signups and promote your site through email- by using numerous ways to include an opt-in.

Social Media Promotion Covered

Divi also packages with the Monarch plugin-covering social media promotion- as you can make social sharing and social follow aspects easy to implement with several ways to include share and follow buttons anywhere on your site.

Some of the key features of the Divi Builder include:

  • WYSIWYG visual editor for creating custom page designs.
  • Ability to create custom theme templates.
  • The ability to copy/paste rows-sections or modules.
  • Ability to create reusable sections for use throughout your site.
  • Wireframe mode for providing a clear overview of page structure.
  • History panel for undoing and redoing actions.
  • Viewports for previewing your content on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Divi Builder Features

You can do just about anything with the Builder.

There are a Huge Number of Layouts to Utilise with the Divi Builder.


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