Podcast Some Ideas on Writing Content Online

Podcast Some Ideas on Writing Content Online

Writing Content Online – Some Ideas?

Some Ideas About Writing Content Online: a recent trip to a new hairdresser caused me to reflect on the importance of mindset and message when writing a blog post.

The reason being that after home haircare disasters – self-inflicted-but caused by COVID it was time to get help which I did leaving me very satisfied in the aftermath. In discussion with the hairdresser, I was not alone as others in the salon were in a similar position.

It led me to think about what if she were crafting a blog post for solutions to home hair care disasters, hence my podcast and advice.


PODCAST OUTLINE: Writing Content Online

This podcast focuses upon inter alia a few areas about your message and writing in particular.

  • How you should focus on a headline and hook.
  • Remembering people scan first and read second.
  • 2 Tools you can use.
  • The importance of creating and reflecting-before publishing.
  • The purpose-your call to action


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In the podcast, I recommend 2 trusted  tools I use when creating written content:




Do not be intimidated by these tools because they are simple to use but effective. Incidentally, Grammarly is great for correcting common mistakes in composing email.



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