Why Freelancers Should Use LinkedIn

Why Freelancers Should Use LinkedIn

Why Freelancers Should Use LinkedIn?

Its a fair question to ask ” Why Freelancers Should Use LinkedIn?”. Especially from the practical mindset of accepting from the get go that time and effort will be required on a freelancers part. In the digital era of today it’s a simple fact that lots of businesses outsource online work and projects because it fills missing gaps for them in lacking in house skills and hiring a freelancer can be a very cost-effective way for any business to get specific/skilled work done ( as opposed to hiring another full time employee).

70 percent of small businesses have hired a freelancer in the past, with half of these being within the past 3 months. Also, 81 percent of these businesses plan to hire more freelancers in the near future. – (LinkedIn)

Sometimes all of us engage someone to complete a single project for us that we lack the skill to do ourselves. For example we hire a lawyer to buy our house-(a project) -and if he or she works well for us we recommend them to others later on or indeed engage them in the future ourselves for another project. The point is that for you the freelancer there is likely to be a market for your specific skillset and LinkedIn should factor in to your marketing equation as a great way to target/advertise to that market and let them know what you can do for them. LinkedIn matters because whilst it is generally categorised as a “social” platform -which it is – it is also a platform that is business orientated with lots of people who have the power to hire. Of course LinkedIn is not a set and forget tool and will require work and consistency on your part but it can pay big dividends for you the freelancer BECAUSE:

LinkedIn can help freelancers accomplish the following:

(In no order of importance)

You can Build a network for yourself

Yes, building a network takes both time and work and doesn’t happen by magic but it’s never too late to start building a professional network of your own. You could start by connecting with prior colleagues, clients or companies with whom you have worked previously.

You can Stand out from the crowd

Use Your profile to set you apart from competitors and you have the opportunity to allow hiring managers and business owners to see your work history / accomplishmenst/skills, all of which give them a more complete view of you as a person and what you have to offer.

Build your personal brand

The information you share and make available on LinkedIn speaks to who you are, and what you can do to fill missing gaps for other businesses and how you can solve problems

Highlight accomplishments

Your profile provides ways for you to distinguish yourself. You can share courses you have taken, projects you have completed, honours & awards you have received, test scores you have earned, organizations you belong to and any languages you may speak.

You can Get referrals

Networking is about who you know and who the people you are networking with know. You can use LinkedIn to, ask your connections for an introduction to others.

Get/Showcase recommendations

People who view your profile will usually read recommendations to see what others have said about you and your work. As a freelancer, you may have or can get recommendations from current or former employers or clients and many of those people if asked will be perfectly comfortable having those recommendations posted on LinkedIn and that’s powerful for your business.

You can get endorsements for skills

First, you need to decide which skills to add to your profile so that your connections can endorse you for them.

LinkedIn is a Useful Platform For a Freelancer To:

Research opportunities. you can search for content related to your industry sector / profession. and review this activity and see what might be important for you to. incorporate into your networking plan.

Connect with other freelancers

You can network with other freelancers, whos core offers could be complimentary to what you offer and in the future they could become business referrers for you.

You Can Research companies

Use LinkedIn as a tool to help you decide whether or not you would be interested in working for a particular company (or individual).

You can Prepare for interviews

When you have a job interview, you can review both the LinkedIn company and the profile of the person who will interview you. That’s like you doing your homework well.

You Can Search for jobs.

When you click on the Jobs icon at the top of the page, On LinkedIn you can see jobs you may be interested in based on your saved Profile and Career interests
You can Join a LinkedIn group.Because the platform has groups for just about every industry and profession you can follow the thought leaders and experts who post content in groups. You can read their posts to gain their insights about current topics of interest. Ask questions and post thoughtful comments so group members become aware of who you are, then send customized connection requests to those people with whom you have interacted.
Learning to use LinkedIn as a freelancer can help you achieve a distinct competitive advantage in today’s world where we operate both online as well as offline.

There is no magic set and forget formula for LinkedIn – no magic button- but if you learn how to use the fundamentals and best practices you will have

  • in depth information about your sector.
  • a grasp on industry trends and the companies that influence them.

And lastly most importantly of all, the bottom line is you will have the opportunity to present your digital presence as a freelancer who is professional and available to solve gaps for lots of businesses out there.

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Social media when to pitch or not?

Social media when to pitch or not?

Social media when to pitch or not?

Well straight up there are no golden rules and common sense should prevail.

I wrote a post about the importance of remembering the social part of social media first. The point is that if you interact consistently with your audience it becomes easier to understand them and this makes it easier to decide how often to pitch a sale.

When it comes to promoting your products or services through social media channels there is no magic ratio-rule book or formula when it comes to the number of ads or sales pitches versus the amount of regular social content that you put out there online on your social channels.

Providing that you have established trust then some audiences might respond kindly to a 2 to 1 ratio of content versus advertising messages or sales pitches, while others will become blind if they get a marketing message for every two content posts.

For those starting out a good way to play it safe may be to use a ratio of at least 3 to 1 or even 5 to 1.

Meaning that you post at least three/five quality content messages for every one pure marketing message.

Remember social channels are social so do not piss off people through constant unadulterated sales pitches – your audience may pay more attention to that offer of yours if you tame it down by mixing that sale with other great regular content. That establishes trust because you are interacting with your audience.

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