Podcast Benefits of working with remote workers?

Podcast Benefits of working with remote workers?

Some benefits of working with remote workers (and ideas)

In this short podcast, I consider some benefits of working with remote workers – the question of “why hire a remote worker?”

 The benefits in hiring a freelancer or remote worker,  how to communicate and interact and The The time-saving benefits in forming a good relationship


This podcast focuses upon inter alia a few areas about working with remote workers and in particular.

  • remote workers are usually skilled in what they offer.
  • save time in having promotional content created.
  • Project Management Tools to keep on track.
  • a remote worker can be a long term asset.


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In the podcast, I reference the generality of PROJECT MANAGEMENT tools and I recommend these two:


Do not be intimidated by them because they are of great benefit to both the remote worker and the employer ( and there are numerous tutorials online on using them).


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Rosemary O Shaughnessy

Remote Work Communication and Boundaries

Remote Work Communication and Boundaries

Remote work communication and boundaries?

Remote work communication and boundaries: Isn’t it funny that for many only a year ago the idea of remote work was an aspiration for many whereas today remote work is actually a necessity for many employers and employees alike.

COVID19 has introduced us all to extraordinary times.

On the face of it it’s easy to assume that having to work remotely is hardly a disaster, what with the convenience all of a sudden of being able to walk down the stairs to work and saving all that time wasted on travel etc etc.

But such sudden changes to your working life has its many challenges too leading me onto the issue of communication and boundaries.

When working from home, your clients may worry about whether they’ll be able to get a hold of you, or much more of a problem may be that they will assume they can get a hold of you at any time of the day or night – and that’s stressful big time!.

People can be unreasonable as a fact of life and some if let will think nothing of ringing you at 11 pm at night, with something that’s not at all urgent and could have waited until the next morning. Allow it with no boundaries and you encourage it by default.

Remote Work – Communication

The problem in some ways nowadays is that it is just so easy to communicate remotely and in so many ways.

From email to Skype, Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp and so many more apps not to mention project management tools.

Difficulties emerge because people all have their individual preferences and indeed tend to use a few forms of communication.

The risk is that the message can get lost in the clutter.

Is that important email buried in a chain in a cluttered inbox?

“Zoom has reported a 169pc year-on-year jump in revenue after the global shift to remote working led to a surge in customers.”
― Silicon Republic .

Did the boss see that important text when his phone ran out of battery power or he or she left it at home?

Determine how you will communicate with your clients and colleagues or the office. Ideally, this is a decision you’ll make in conjunction with your client or employer based on preference and availability. Choose one or two of these as a primary and emergency communication method:

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email
  • Video conferencing using tools like Zoom or Skype
  • Private messaging through social media
  • Private messaging through project management software


Remote Work – Boundaries


Working from home means clients and remote workers can either think of each other as unavailable or available all the time.

It’s up to you to create a balance that works and fosters healthy relationships with your clients in these key areas of communicating with boundaries:

  • Be clear when you are available or not – and save for an emergency stick to it
  • Define how you will communicate in an emergency
  • Start your day by checking for any messages and respond to them – it reinforces that you do not ignore messages


The Remote Work Future in Ireland?

The Remote Work Future in Ireland?

The Remote Work Future in Ireland?

Remote Work Future in Ireland, Trends: Newstalk Radio have a recent podcast that you can listen to that will be interesting to many in the concept of “remote work” or working from home.

The 2 paragraphs below are direct quotes from the NewsTalk blog post (where you can listen to the podcast)

Many who have been working from home during the crisis have found they’ve been able to save money and avoid long commutes.

On the other hand, remote working can make it more difficult to build working relationships and learn from experienced colleagues.

Remote Work Future in Ireland

Newstalk Link: -working-from-home-future

Remote Work Future – My Tuppence Worth!


I have worked remotely for a decade – and I admit I sought to do so early on because my motivating factor in working remotely was frustration at the wasted time involved in travel. I have worked for clients for months to even years and have never met them, but the reality is that we each were and are of benefit to each other.

Indeed I would argue it is easier than ever to communicate online- think the explosion of Zoom!

COVID 19 has perhaps changed the workplace landscape for years to come and only time will tell how long-lasting the remote work landscape will last. Some jobs yes can never be remote ones but many can in some form.

I spoke with 2 friends who because of COVID have had to adapt to working remotely. One an accountant and the other a lecturer.

The former views it basically as business as usual with occasional visits required to the company HQ office, and her only gripe is missing office camaraderie.

The latter believes he is actually working longer and harder his rationale being he is too easy to communicate with as far as both colleagues and students are concerned.

Both noticed savings because of it all!

I am simply happy that the penny has dropped with leads that we dont have to physically meet up to get things done.

Rosemary O ShaughnessyI specialize in helping Startups and Businesses – Promote their online business through Digital Content. We Create – WordPress Websites, Blog Posts, Powerpoint Video and SlideShares. We set up Social Media optimised profiles and accounts.  Also coach business to do it themselves on Zoom. The focus of our business is helping businesses to compete in the online space by increasing brand awareness.

Managing Time as a Remote Worker in Ireland

Managing Time as a Remote Worker in Ireland

Managing Time as a Remote Worker in Ireland

Managing Time as a Remote Worker in Ireland:   We are all hoping for a bit of normality again but in these unprecedented times all sorts of debates still rage, pubs reopening, will the schools return as planned, is it safe to go back to the office? 

I recently had a chat with two friends, one a lecturer and the other an accountant in financial services. 

 Both have been working remotely from home for months.  

Whilst the former is far more tech-savvy than the latter, it interested me that both confirmed that they have been able to do their work with no difficulty and that they used Zoom to collaborate with students and colleagues. 

 Each confirmed saving cash considerably by being able to work from home, but the lecturer pal indicated that he felt he was working a lot harder than if he was actually in his college office and he put his increased workload down to the fact that communication to him was just so easy for all concerned. The accountant merely complained that some of the zoom meetings were in her view unnecessary. 

The Pandemic Workday Is 48 Minutes Longer and Has More Meetings – Bloomberg.

Curiously I then came across on one of my news feeds an article from Bloomberg, the title being in the quotes herein and you can read the Bloomberg post here 

With no lack of communication possibilities, never-ending digital distractions, forgetting altogether about work collaboration or just doing the job, it can be difficult to manage your time properly whilst working from home. 

My own view is that the guilt of wasting time at home, working by yourself, on digital distraction such as social media means falling a bit behind and naturally leads you to have to work that bit longer to make up.  

Maybe meetings can be sometimes unnecessary- if both parties wrote down what they needed to discuss rather than having that “Oh, I forgot X moment”.  

This is a Bloomberg Video referencing a study about the pandemic effect on working days.

Managing Time as a Remote Worker in Ireland ? Ideas?

For many working remotely in Ireland, it can be tough to keep up the motivation and focus levels needed to do the job well from home, but often the simple things in life just work. 

Maybe a dedicated office space 

A dedicated workspace at home is good for the mind and gives a message to family and friends that when you are in there “you are working”. Even my pet dog realises when I am in the office, its be quiet and lie at my feet-he does! 

Have a set start and finish time when possible  

Yes, it’s not always possible to be rigid. Stuff happens. It may be tempting to have that extra lie in bed, but will that make the rest of the day stressful? A familiar routine will help you to be more productive and focused. 

Plan your meetings more carefully  

Avoid the “I forgot to ask” moments by writing a simple list of what you need to discuss with the boss or work colleague. When they see you organised it may have a ripple effect on them causing them to do likewise. This will help to focus on meeting agendas and save time. 


We all seem to have a never-ending list of tasks that need to be done. The first thing I do is write a list of what has to be done today. I keep a separate ongoing list of non-priority projects and do them as time allows. 

This helps me, at any rate, to tick off the important to-do items better and with more focus and less stress. 

Turn off the social media- the radio or TV? 

Distractions are everywhere- it’s hard to keep the train of your thought going if your phone is beeping every 5 minutes with distraction and unimportant social media messages. 

 It’s ok to say cannot do it because? 

If someone asks you to do something and you simply cannot do it working from home, or you simply don’t have the time, explain why you cannot do it and if possible, offer an alternative. Sometimes even in our working life, we have to compromise – even the boss. 

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