The Remote Work Future in Ireland?

The Remote Work Future in Ireland?

The Remote Work Future in Ireland?

Remote Work Future in Ireland, Trends: Newstalk Radio have a recent podcast that you can listen to that will be interesting to many in the concept of “remote work” or working from home.

The 2 paragraphs below are direct quotes from the NewsTalk blog post (where you can listen to the podcast)

Many who have been working from home during the crisis have found they’ve been able to save money and avoid long commutes.

On the other hand, remote working can make it more difficult to build working relationships and learn from experienced colleagues.

Remote Work Future in Ireland

Newstalk Link: -working-from-home-future

Remote Work Future – My Tuppence Worth!


I have worked remotely for a decade – and I admit I sought to do so early on because my motivating factor in working remotely was frustration at the wasted time involved in travel. I have worked for clients for months to even years and have never met them, but the reality is that we each were and are of benefit to each other.

Indeed I would argue it is easier than ever to communicate online- think the explosion of Zoom!

COVID 19 has perhaps changed the workplace landscape for years to come and only time will tell how long-lasting the remote work landscape will last. Some jobs yes can never be remote ones but many can in some form.

I spoke with 2 friends who because of COVID have had to adapt to working remotely. One an accountant and the other a lecturer.

The former views it basically as business as usual with occasional visits required to the company HQ office, and her only gripe is missing office camaraderie.

The latter believes he is actually working longer and harder his rationale being he is too easy to communicate with as far as both colleagues and students are concerned.

Both noticed savings because of it all!

I am simply happy that the penny has dropped with leads that we dont have to physically meet up to get things done.

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