Marketing Trends for 2021?

Marketing Trends for 2021?

COVID-19 and Digital Marketing trends for 2021?

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021: well in these very strange times I read with some interest a report by DELOITTE on the topic. Their report is a focus on 7 trends they believe important in the marketing context-based around 2 conducted surveys of executives and consumers.

I have always read trend reports not because they are actual predictions per se but they often offer food for thought about marketing any business in general.

We all wait in hope and expectation of post COVID times but I bet most have asked themselves ” will it ever be like it was?”.

I believe only partly so,  as I believe some things have changed forever such as how we communicate, remote work here to stay or remaining very relevant post covid, online shopping more relevant than ever and so much more.

What’s interesting about the Deloitte report is that it starts by recognising that :

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest reset for brands in a century. Almost overnight, companies have had to change how they create content, market services, distribute products, and take care of newly remote teams”.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021- Selected Quotes From Report

Here are some direct quotes from the report that resonated with me- but I would urge you to read the report itself which offers detail, case studies and survey questions on varied topics:


  • meet customers in the digital space, or risk irrelevance. 
  • 63% of consumers surveyed for the report agreed that After the COVID-19 pandemic, they believe they will use digital technologies more than they did prior to the outbreak
  • when COVID-19 swept the globe and technology became the primary conduit for interaction during lockdowns, people increasingly craved human connection. As a result, consumers moved toward companies that elevated human-centric experiences.
  • it’s imperative for organizations to put values at the heart of their solutions.
  • Trust can mean many things within organizations. But for consumers, it’s essentially whether brands deliver on their promises. The marketer’s job? Making sure messages match the moment—and what their customers value.


  • Once again the full report is available online HERE

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