How To Use LinkedIn Private Mode and Why Use It.

How To Use LinkedIn Private Mode and Why Use It.

How To Use LinkedIn Private Mode and Why Use It.

In this video, I will show you how to use LinkedIn’s private mode and explore the different settings for viewing profiles.

By adjusting your visibility preferences, you can control what information is displayed when you view someone’s profile.

Pay attention to the options for profile characteristics, such as your business or sector, and where you’re from.

Take note of the implications of each option, as it will be visible to others when they check who’s viewed their profile.

Understanding these settings will help you navigate LinkedIn’s private mode effectively.

Have you ever wanted to check someone’s profile without them finding out?

What is Private Mode on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Private Mode is a feature that enables LinkedIn users to browse other users’ profiles anonymously.

LinkedIn Analytics : When you visit someone’s profile, they will receive a notification in their profile views analytics by default

If a LinkedIn member has the private mode setting applied, you will not be able to see who the person is who visits your profile, as explained in the video.

Profile viewing settings allow you to control what information other LinkedIn members can see when you visit their profile.

Turning your profile private doesn’t mean nobody can see your profile.

This means that you can view someone’s LinkedIn profile without them being aware, allowing you to browse anonymously.

Notes about LinkedIn Private Mode

All LinkedIn users with FREE or Premium Accounts can access LinkedIn Private Mode with ease on desktop and mobile devices.

FREE LinkedIn accounts have limitations in using private mode.

Free Account

Basic (free) account

The LinkedIn Basic account will have the following Who’s viewed your profile features:

  • If you have set your profile viewing options to display your name and headline when viewing profiles, you’ll see the five most recent viewers in the last 90 days, as well as a list of suggestions for increasing your profile views.
  • The list displays viewer insights such as:
    • Number of profile viewers
    • Interesting views
    • Where your profile viewers work
    • Where they found your profile
    • Their job titles

Business and Premium Career Accounts

A Premium Business and a Premium Career subscriber will be able to see list of viewers, viewer trends, and insights for the past 365 days.

Read the full help article from LinkedIn

Neither FREE or Premium accounts can see who viewed their profile if that person has private mode switched on.

When is the Right Time to Utilize LinkedIn Private Mode?

In many instances, it is advisable not to keep your profile on private mode, since you may wish to demonstrate your interest in others and their businesses.

And by keeping it non-private you can see who is viewing your profile.

By keeping your profile public, you can track who views it. However, there are instances where switching to a private profile is more beneficial.

4 Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn’s Private Mode

  1. Hiring New Staff: When considering potential candidates.

LinkedIn is an indispensable tool for recruiters to discover quality talent and candidates for jobs.

At the beginning of your recruitment process, it is recommended to utilize LinkedIn’s private mode.

If someone applies to your job post, It is advisable to use LinkedIn’s private mode at the start of your hiring process.
Using private mode allows you to quietly study an applicant’s profile and determine whether they are a fit the job description

Once you have a list of candidates, switch back to public mode and send them an invitation request.

Here is a Podcast I created recently which you could find helpful for recruiting on LinkedIn

Why Use LinkedIn for Hiring Top Talent

  1. Business Research on Your Competitors Without Them Noticing

Examining your competitors’ performance on LinkedIn can provide valuable insights on areas where you can improve.

Whether you are analyzing company employees or individual users, if they see who you are they might get an idea of what you are doing.

When examining businesses, employees or LinkedIn users, if they see who you are and what you are doing it might attract attention that is not in your interest.

By using private mode, you can examine your competition without their knowledge, giving you an advantage over them

By seeing how they behave, you could get ideas on how to outperform them.

  1. Expanding Your Linkedin Network

Using private mode is an excellent way to get started with your LinkedIn networking plan..

Getting started your profile may need work as our career changes and develops. We acquire new skills and other skills become outdated or you change direction in your career.

It is important we keepour LinkedIn profile update to build trust and showcase our achivements and progress.

A little progress every day adds up to BIG results.

Satya Nani

Or are you starting from scratch creating your LinkedIn account and profile.

Have you considered using private mode and do your research so you connect , with the right people who can help you build your business and career.

If you try to connect before your profile is ready, you are less likely to be accepted. Credibility is a very important to build trust and help you achieve results on LinkedIn.

By keeping your profile private, you can create a list of people you wish to connect with and save them for when the time is right.

After you find people you believe you know, or if they work in your industry, you can make your profile public to visit their profiles, so they get a notification and potentially visit yours back.

Once you discover individuals who are a fit for what you are trying to achieve. Is that people who could be potential customers, influencers to help you stay ahead of your competition, or people who can educate you and help you develop skills for your career.

By making your profile public for viewing LinkedIn members will receive a notification and might visit your profile in return. To learn more about you.

That is why very important to have your profile up to date. Not outdate and not relevant.

With all the information you acquired about them, it’s just a matter of sending a personalized message and connecting.

After doing your research and deciding whom you wish to connect to send a personalized, that is relevant and easy to understand for a busy time shy professional.

That will encourage the connection to accept your request.

Here is a previous article I wrote you could find of interest

Expanding engagement in your LinkedIn network for your content?

  1. Creating Lists of Leads

Using LinkedIn to generate sales you will understand how it is essential that you are connecting with people who can help you grow your business.

Activating private mode enables you to collect information and compile lead lists discreetly before you get in touch.

Once you have a list of leads and are prepared to start your LinkedIn outreach efforts, you can start off by initiating the conversation with a connection request message.

The benefits of employing this LinkedIn marketing plan for lead generation:

It’s personalized – By mentioning something specific that is relevant to your prospect, they will be more likely to start a conversation

By using private mode – you’ll avoid appearing like a stalker who repeatedly visited prospects’ profiles but rather as someone who checked once before reaching out.


Using LinkedIn’s private mode has many benefits when you want to view LinkedIn in private without anyone knowing it.

Another article I wrote you might find of interest

Creating Leads On LinkedIn

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Options to work with me:

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My next article will discuss best practices for networking on LinkedIn that are tried and tested.


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You Should Read The LinkedIn Sales Report 2022?

You Should Read The LinkedIn Sales Report 2022?

You SHOULD Read The LinkedIn Sales Report 2022.

Why You Should Read The LinkedIn Sales Report 2022– UK edition: The pandemic has forced or perhaps caused lots of businesses worldwide to adapt and change their online marketing approach when it comes to meeting customer needs and what they want and now expect from a business, and if you accept that premise, read this report which is very useful reading and indeed cause for reflection for business owners, sales professionals, organisations and even local businesses.

“The State of Sales in 2022 is significantly more data-driven, technology-empowered and calibrated around buyer needs and priorities than it ever has been.” – LinkedIn sales report 2022.

The report is downloadable as a PDF entitled “LinkedIn State of Sales 2022 | UK Edition”. (Click the button link below)

As the report notes, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about permanent changes to buying and selling processes.

    1. 74% of UK buyers like to operate remotely, at least half of the time. They find virtual buying easier — and that’s enabled them to raise the standards they expect from sales as a condition of engaging.
    2. Salespeople have turned to new platforms to replace in-person meetings and events,
    3. 50% of buyers say working remotely has made buying easier. Only 11% say it’s made it more difficult

Another Point from the report:

“….through the pandemic, we have seen top performing salespeople adapt and become more efficient in their prospect targeting”.

I believe lots of you will take value from the stats and observations- i did and from my perspective for my reasons I noted some points from which I created the graphic below.



You Should Read The LinkedIn Sales Report 2022

Why You Should Read The LinkedIn Sales Report 2022– UK edition for TRENDS:

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent van Gogh.

The report also considers some trends:

There is a lot of information in these sections to ponder upon:

Trend #1: How sales has changed, permanently and positively

Trend #2: The rise of sales tech and data-driven selling

Trend #3: How top-performing salespeople thrive with technology


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Why You Should Read The LinkedIn Sales Report 2022

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Why You Should Read The LinkedIn Sales Report 2022
Why You Should Read The LinkedIn Sales Report 2022

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Why Freelancers Should Use LinkedIn

Why Freelancers Should Use LinkedIn

Why Freelancers Should Use LinkedIn?

Its a fair question to ask ” Why Freelancers Should Use LinkedIn?”. Especially from the practical mindset of accepting from the get go that time and effort will be required on a freelancers part. In the digital era of today it’s a simple fact that lots of businesses outsource online work and projects because it fills missing gaps for them in lacking in house skills and hiring a freelancer can be a very cost-effective way for any business to get specific/skilled work done ( as opposed to hiring another full time employee).

70 percent of small businesses have hired a freelancer in the past, with half of these being within the past 3 months. Also, 81 percent of these businesses plan to hire more freelancers in the near future. – (LinkedIn)

Sometimes all of us engage someone to complete a single project for us that we lack the skill to do ourselves. For example we hire a lawyer to buy our house-(a project) -and if he or she works well for us we recommend them to others later on or indeed engage them in the future ourselves for another project. The point is that for you the freelancer there is likely to be a market for your specific skillset and LinkedIn should factor in to your marketing equation as a great way to target/advertise to that market and let them know what you can do for them. LinkedIn matters because whilst it is generally categorised as a “social” platform -which it is – it is also a platform that is business orientated with lots of people who have the power to hire. Of course LinkedIn is not a set and forget tool and will require work and consistency on your part but it can pay big dividends for you the freelancer BECAUSE:

LinkedIn can help freelancers accomplish the following:

(In no order of importance)

You can Build a network for yourself

Yes, building a network takes both time and work and doesn’t happen by magic but it’s never too late to start building a professional network of your own. You could start by connecting with prior colleagues, clients or companies with whom you have worked previously.

You can Stand out from the crowd

Use Your profile to set you apart from competitors and you have the opportunity to allow hiring managers and business owners to see your work history / accomplishmenst/skills, all of which give them a more complete view of you as a person and what you have to offer.

Build your personal brand

The information you share and make available on LinkedIn speaks to who you are, and what you can do to fill missing gaps for other businesses and how you can solve problems

Highlight accomplishments

Your profile provides ways for you to distinguish yourself. You can share courses you have taken, projects you have completed, honours & awards you have received, test scores you have earned, organizations you belong to and any languages you may speak.

You can Get referrals

Networking is about who you know and who the people you are networking with know. You can use LinkedIn to, ask your connections for an introduction to others.

Get/Showcase recommendations

People who view your profile will usually read recommendations to see what others have said about you and your work. As a freelancer, you may have or can get recommendations from current or former employers or clients and many of those people if asked will be perfectly comfortable having those recommendations posted on LinkedIn and that’s powerful for your business.

You can get endorsements for skills

First, you need to decide which skills to add to your profile so that your connections can endorse you for them.

LinkedIn is a Useful Platform For a Freelancer To:

Research opportunities. you can search for content related to your industry sector / profession. and review this activity and see what might be important for you to. incorporate into your networking plan.

Connect with other freelancers

You can network with other freelancers, whos core offers could be complimentary to what you offer and in the future they could become business referrers for you.

You Can Research companies

Use LinkedIn as a tool to help you decide whether or not you would be interested in working for a particular company (or individual).

You can Prepare for interviews

When you have a job interview, you can review both the LinkedIn company and the profile of the person who will interview you. That’s like you doing your homework well.

You Can Search for jobs.

When you click on the Jobs icon at the top of the page, On LinkedIn you can see jobs you may be interested in based on your saved Profile and Career interests
You can Join a LinkedIn group.Because the platform has groups for just about every industry and profession you can follow the thought leaders and experts who post content in groups. You can read their posts to gain their insights about current topics of interest. Ask questions and post thoughtful comments so group members become aware of who you are, then send customized connection requests to those people with whom you have interacted.
Learning to use LinkedIn as a freelancer can help you achieve a distinct competitive advantage in today’s world where we operate both online as well as offline.

There is no magic set and forget formula for LinkedIn – no magic button- but if you learn how to use the fundamentals and best practices you will have

  • in depth information about your sector.
  • a grasp on industry trends and the companies that influence them.

And lastly most importantly of all, the bottom line is you will have the opportunity to present your digital presence as a freelancer who is professional and available to solve gaps for lots of businesses out there.

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Economic Opportunities from LinkedIn?

Economic Opportunities from LinkedIn?

Getting Economic Opportunities from LinkedIn – A Podcast with an Expert

In this week’s podcast, I speak with Jim Meldrum about getting economic opportunities from LinkedIn. Jim and I speak about the opportunities that are available to any business out there through using LinkedIn effectively. Jim is a LinkedIn expert and runs specialist workshops on using LinkedIn for as he says “economic opportunities” as well as offering one to one personal training for private clients.

 We had an interesting chat on zoom wherein we discussed a number of issues relating to LinkedIn :


1. Understanding who your target audience is.

2. Making changes to your LinkedIn profile to make it business-ready.

3. We also discussed the question of LinkedIn content in general and Jim pointed out that those who regularly post will get ahead of most of their competition quickly simply because of the numbers

4. We discussed the importance of being educational and the concept of giving to get to establish trust.

5. Why using a video may not really be better than text?

6. We also discussed some recent LinkedIn new features and Jim had an interesting take about what he strongly felt should not be turned on?


I would strongly urge you to listen to the podcast with an expert who really knows his stuff in so far as LinkedIn is concerned

Listen Here –

or on the platforms below

getting economic opportunities from LinkedIn.


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