Podcast with an expert Suzanne Brooker Helping Therapists Market Online

Podcast with an expert Suzanne Brooker Helping Therapists Market Online

Interview with an expert helping therapists market online!


In this week’s podcast, I interviewed Suzanne Brooker who is a therapist for 26 years, her clinic operating both in-person and online and she teaches Mindfulness, Meditation, Rahanni/Reiki healing, and personal development.

During the interview, we talked about Suzanne’s exact skill set as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Partner at Nature’s Frequencies and much more.

We discuss how she has also helped many therapists to be able to work with clients online when this became a necessity due to COVID.

  • How she has helped therapists, adapt and market their business online during Covid-19.
  • Teaching Therapists how to be confident online
  • Tools that can be used to manage and present a therapist business online.

Anxiety Sleep Issues  Pain and much more

How Suzanne found EMF Shields have helped and she recommends time in the outdoors for all of our health.

How Suzanne, believes lead by example, practice,  and attend online events and the importance of building confidence. There are clients you will need to encourage to go online therapists and their customers.

Suzanne also recommended swapping skills and services with other therapists So you understand what they offer  The therapist specialty and skills To understand what the service is like for potential customers

Make it easy to recommend your business. People refer to businesses that they trust and know that there is quality of service. We do not want our business colleagues, friends, or family receiving services that is not up to standard.

Final thoughts

Create a worldwide trusted network Therapists can have clients in the international space which has grown during Covid-19

Build a community of like-minded people  (we like to do business with people who are like-minded with a common purpose)

Consider what skills and services you have to offer that can make a difference for your customers. 



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I specialise in helping businesses that provide services, professionals, freelancers, health, wellness, local,   Designing, Creating, and  Managing  WordPress Sites. Presenting online workshops 1 to 1 training on zoom. Creating digital content ,. The focus of my business is to help businesses to compete in the online space by creating customer-focused content.. I really enjoy teaching and helping business owners and their staff understand what to do and how to promote their businesses in the online space.

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