Don’t Let Dyslexia Hold You Back!

Don’t Let Dyslexia Hold You Back!

Don’t Let Dyslexia Hold You Back?

Don’t Let Dyslexia Hold You Back.- In this week’s Podcast, I speak to Suzy Taylor a specialist in the Dyslexic field who is also an active Blogger and inter alia we discuss challenges and resources in marketing.

Dyslexia creates challenges for many people out there, which isn’t surprising when according to the European Dyslexia Association, up to 9 to 12% of our population suffer from the condition.
Our Podcast chat is also about the importance of storytelling for business and marketing your product or service.
During our chat, Suzy and I spoke about how she manages her dyslexia,
She also discusses how technology helps her and what online tools she uses. 
Other areas we discuss:
  • Time management
  • How dyslexia can be overwhelming
  • Organizations that can help adults and children
  • How technology can compensate for writing slower when you are a Dyslexic
  • How technology can help when using more complex written language in a professional setting
We discussed Richard Branson who is Dyslexic and how he sees the condition as his strength. 

Also considered is managing criticism and not letting it hold you back as a blogger or online marketer.

“Being dyslexic can actually help in the outside world. I see some things clearer than other people do because I have to simplify things to help me and that has helped others.. (Richard Branson)

Don’t Let Dyslexia Hold You Back – Listen To the Podcast

getting economic opportunities from LinkedIn.
Dont Let Dyslexia Hold You Back

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Don’t Let Dyslexia Hold You Back –

Resources recommended by Suzy

Suzy has kindly supplied the following list of just some resources to research!

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