Why use Canva for your online design?

Why use Canva for your online design?

Why use Canva for your online design?

Why Use Canva for your online design?

Use Canva for your online design – This week I will be chatting about innovation and business success. It is great to see that lots of businesses have thrived during the challenges of Covid19.

Earlier in the week, I read an article in Fast Company about the The most innovative design companies of 2022 what got my attention was that Canva was listed.

I have been using Canva for years for my own business and for my customers. I am also a Canva Champion and do Canva Training.

Canva is a design tool that makes it easy to create your online and offline designs – QUICKLY!.

It is used by 85% of the Fortune 500 companies and local businesses and much more. I found myself thinking of Canva’s core purpose and I believe that obviously has been important in their success story.

Use Canva for your online design – What Canva Does?

Makes Complex Design Simple which means you save time and you can achieve more when the platform is not difficult to use.

Canva has empowered non-designers to design and that has created momentum which has helped their business to grow and innovate.


Earlier this week a businessman asked for my help after looking for the answer on YouTube about how to do something in Canva. He found an old video not up to date and felt completely frustrated. He asked me for help and I showed him how it could be done. Something for him that was complex and I was able to make it simple. Because Canva innovates and if there was no innovation Canva would not have grown to the business it is today with such a loyal global following not to mention into an organisation that is expected to surpass 1 billion dollars in revenue this year.

I am a Canva Champion and an affiliate if you wish to learn more about Canva or Canva training do not hesitate to contact me

Use Canva for your online design
I specialise in helping service providers compete and grow online. Helping small business owners to learn what they have to learn to make use of the digital world. I can Design, Create and/or  Manage a  WordPress starter Site for you and help with content plans for it.
I am a Canva Champion and offer Canva training.
I offer online workshops & 1 to 1 training on Zoom for content creation and promotion. My focus is to help you/ or teach you (or key staff)  to compete in the online space by creating customer-focused digital content. I will help you to glue together all the various bits so that your business can promote itself online successfully.

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