Why visual design matters more than ever.?

Why visual design matters more than ever.?

Why Visual Design Matters more than Ever?


Canva has produced a recent 2023 Visual Economy Report that essentially covers: Why Visual Design Matters more than Ever

Promoting your business online nowadays is not as easy in a lot of ways compared to times gone by.

To my mind, the very simple reason for this lies in the concept of information overload.

 Once upon a time you created your website, padded it all out and then went to either Google Ads or Facebook ads to supercharge things. 

However, whilst that model is not by any means dead it is nowhere near as effective as it once was because the average consumer is bombarded by information, and they can be ad blind because there are so many of them. 

Hence, there has been a shift significantly in more recent years towards trying to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and grab an online reader’s attention in what is a busy space. If you accept this, then the report is of real interest.

The 2003 Canva Visual Economy Report also makes interesting reading for you as the report was compiled after a survey of 1600 business leaders from across the US, UK and Australia about how they are approaching design principles and design in general to drive business. 

You can access the report to view it in an online presentation from Canva by clicking the link in the button below


Canva 2023 Visual Economy Report


” Appealing visuals lead to greater engagement, fuel growth and drive business”.

The slideshow is 46 pages long, but a quick and interesting read.

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