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Our Key Services


For Service Providers – We can create new WordPress sites or help with new content on existing ones for you.

digital content

digital content

A site without interesting content can’t compete with one that is content rich-We can help plan & create varied content.

social media-services

Social Media

We can set up and optimise profiles and either manage or work with you to create varied content for your social accounts.

WordPress Websites

Digital Content Services

Social Media Services

A Range of Services

Below, we list some of our services. Our goal is to help Service Provider start-ups and existing business to use the online space to actually compete in their sector through digital content and social media promotion.

Wordpress Websites

We Can work with you to either create a new site or build up content on an existing one, with relevant digital content.

Content Done For You

We can create unique digital content for you to use on your website and in your social media promotion online. Or we can use and improve your own content.

Social Media
Social Media

We Can: * Create Relevant Content * Respond to your community * Look after scheduling and posting * Create a posting strategy.

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Once we have the opportunity to analyse the online footprint of your business, we can offer actual suggestions as to what you might consider DOING or HAVING DONE for you to make your presence stronger and more useful.

How We Operate

We have 2 objectives. To create a plan and fresh content for you or alternatively to work with you in getting your own digital content published or promoted. The choice is yours!

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Blog Posts Done For You

We Can Create New Fresh Content

None of us can be the master of all trades and writing does not come naturally to us all. It is no surprise that the internet is full of sites with little to no blog content for this reason, as well as the fact that most business owners have no grasp in handling the backend of their WordPress site.

Or We Can Use Your Own Content

You create the text- supply a word document and we will review your content and make suggested edits, and with your approval prepare that content for publishing on your site and promotion through social media.

Obviously, this is a more cost-effective route for you since some of the work is pre-done for us.

We Research Content Ideas For You

Many running a business simply do not have the time to research a topic properly and hence struggle with ideas for content. We can help with research in your sector.

Researching - Editing and Formatting

There are in fact 6 steps in creating good content. Planning – Research – Creating the Content – Editing It – Publishing It – Promoting It.

We Promote the content on Social Media

The power of social media is the ability to promote quickly your content to a targetted audience interested in your sector or what you have to offer. We can help promote your unique content to your ideal audience.

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