Prospecting For Leads

Are You Using LinkedIn to Prospect For Leads?

It’s a simple fact that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and that was front of mind when you joined!. But ask yourself are you using the platform TO CONVERT new and existing connections into customers of yours?.

I offer 1 to 1 training through Zoom to teach you how to get more leads from LinkedIn by doing some simple things that are neglected by many including possibly your competitors.

Generate business from existing connections

How to build customer trust

Creating better engagement for your content

Generate business from existing leads

What to post and how to post

Engagement tips re hashtags, and keywords

Through my 1-to-1 Training, You will learn how to get more leads from LinkedIn by doing some simple things that are neglected by many others, including possibly your competitors. You will Learn How To get more Leads by doing the things that your competitors dont do!

Linkedin Prospecting by Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

How to build a following & attract new leads.

Generating business from existing leads.

How to create content more quickly and save time

Developing opportunities from new connections.

Learn about the different attitudes of users.

Learn about the "trust" matrix.

How to create a messaging strategy without being spammy.

Learning Ways to build customer Trust.

Re-engaging with dormant connections.

Avoiding direct message mistakes.

Learn about the problem finder concept.

Getting business from new connections

You will gain the knowledge to SAVE TIME  when using LinkedIn:

With this training, you will be able to create an outbound marketing strategy in LinkedIn Prospecting For Leads!

You Will Learn

Why the different attitude of users matters?

Why You need to understand this…

How to develop opportunities from new connections?

The main focus of the training…

How to re-engage with dormant connections?

Often overlooked but can be an opportunity….

About Direct Message mistakes?

Learn best practices to be more effective…..

You will also learn about The Trust Matrix & Problem Finder?

My LinkedIn Qualifications

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If You Are:
  • Looking to get New Clients
  • Looking to increase Inbound sales calls
  • Want to build Customer Trust
Then Let’s Chat:

Just message me below and I will revert to suggest times for a discovery call through Zoom – 20 minutes- no obligation

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LinkedIn Prospecting For Leads

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