LinkedIn on Top Skills Employees Are Learning?

LinkedIn on Top Skills Employees Are Learning?: The pandemic has forced or perhaps caused lots of businesses worldwide to adapt and change their online marketing approach when it comes to meeting customer needs and what they want and now expect from a business, s.

“The top 10 skills in three areas — IT, Project Management, and Engineering — changed a whopping 70% since 2015. In addition, Sales skills changed by 60%, and Marketing skills changed by 50%..” – LinkedIn sales report 2022.

and if you accept that premise, read this report which is very useful reading and indeed cause for reflection for business owners, sales professionals, organisations and even local businesseThe report is downloadable as a PDF entitled “LinkedIn State of Sales 2022 | UK Edition”. (Click the button link below)

As the report notes, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about permanent changes to buying and selling processes.

    1. 74% of UK buyers like to operate remotely, at least half of the time. They find virtual buying easier — and that’s enabled them to raise the standards they expect from sales as a condition of engaging.
    2. Salespeople have turned to new platforms to replace in-person meetings and events,
    3. 50% of buyers say working remotely has made buying easier. Only 11% say it’s made it more difficult

Another Point from the report:

“….through the pandemic, we have seen top performing salespeople adapt and become more efficient in their prospect targeting”.

I believe lots of you will take value from the stats and observations- i did and from my perspective for my reasons I noted some points from which I created the graphic below.



Image Source: LinkedIn


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