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Sharing great content is a powerful way to optimize your LinkedIn account and profile, and strategically grow your network?

Remember, the internet world without content is nothing! We all go there to consume what’s of interest to us or to seek help and information and knowledge about what troubles or interests us! Are you contributing useful content to your audience?


Are You Looking To Promote Your Profile?


Are You Looking To Save Time?


Are You Looking To Grow Your Network?


Are You uncomfortable creating content?

I offer 2 services for clients namely -A Done For you Service and/or A Done With You content creation service!


Just 4 Good Reasons To Create LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn Is the No 1 Platform For Business

It is THE platform of choice for business people, and it's where decisions and useful connections are made.

Huge Audience Opportunity

With over a billion people using LinkedIn - including your existing customers, who can recommend you to the people they know.

Google Indexes LinkedIn Post Content

Posting content on LinkedIn can enhance your online visibility as Google indexes these posts, boosting your personal brand and expertise.

LinkedIn Content Promotes YOU

Creating content may require some effort initially but think of that effort & content being free advertising promoting you and your services in the long run.

What I Offer You For LinkedIn Content

I offer the 2 Services set out below. Some people are at sea creating content at all, so I offer a Done-For-You service which allows you to focus on what you do best while I handle all aspects of content creation for your LinkedIn profile

Others are more than competent in creating written text content but need a plan for it or need specific help with for example the visuals (how it looks, or how to re-purpose it etc) and for those I offer a Done With You Service which offers a collaborative approach where we work together in crafting compelling content that resonates with your audience.


Done For You Service

If creating content feels daunting and overwhelming for you or if you simply do not have the time to do it all, this service is for you. I will handle it all from content ideas to the creation of a plan and content itself, all of which I discuss with you. 

LinkedIn Posts Done For You

I create posts for you to approve.

Done for You Content Re-Purposing

I plan ways to reuse and repurpose the content - that you approve.

LinkedIn Content Plan Done For You

I create and agree a content plan with you

LinkedIn Customer Focused Content

We create content of interest to your audience.

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Done With You Service

If you are comfortable crafting written content but need assistance with planning or visuals, this service is designed for you. Together we’ll create a strategy tailored to your needs, and I’ll guide you through visual enhancements, suggestions to consider and repurposing techniques. This service aims to alleviate the stress of content creation, and you may also learn new skills and strategies.

I Analyse Your Own Draft LinkedIn Posts

I review your content & help in the creation of new posts for you.

I Help You Devise a Plan

I create and agree and discuss a content plan with you

I Work With You to Re-Purpose Your Content

I plan ways to reuse and repurpose the content - that you approve.

I Help You With Design

We create content of interest to your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few points but every client is different as are their businesses so its always better to talk.

What's the best way to talk?

Message Me with what you are interested in discussing and the best times to talk, and I will revert to schedule a Zoom call.

What does the "Done For You" service entail?

The general scope of this service is to discuss a content plan for first approval and then create it for final approval, with us doing all the heavy lifting.

How does the "Done With You" service differ from the "Done For You" service?

The “done with you” service differs because some people have the content ideas and can create written content- but may have design difficulties -hurdles about repurposing it or difficulties in promoting it. Our communication narrows down the scope of help needed.

What is the typical turnaround time for creating and publishing a LinkedIn post?

It may not be recommended in complex or emergency cases where open surgery is more suitable.

Are there different packages or pricing tiers available?

Some work can be done quickly and some not- there is no 1 size fits all, so we agree a fair pricing for all projects in advance.

How do you ensure the content aligns with my brand voice and business goals?

Because nothing is published online until you approve it.

What is your revision policy if I’m not satisfied with the initial draft?

For most work, we offer 1 main revision, as if it’s not working there is little point proceeding (typos- and expected formatting excluded).

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