Important Firefox change businesses should note?

An Important Firefox change businesses should note is that Firefox 83 introduces…

Important Firefox change businesses should note

To Quote Just a bit from the Post- “Security on the web matters. Whenever you connect to a web page and enter a password, a credit card number, or other sensitive information, you want to be sure that this information is kept secure. Whether you are writing a personal email or reading a page on a medical condition, you don’t want that information leaked to eavesdroppers on the network who have no business prying into your personal communications”.

Time and time again I review websites that are missing an SSL cert. Many business owners have simply never bothered to consider the impact this could have on their online presence.

Read the Release Article From Firefox….HERE

Important Firefox change businesses should note

If your visitors use Chrome

Then Cloudflare has a useful article entitled “Why Use HTTPS?” and they note that Google Chrome is marking non-HTTPS sites as “Not secure”, this is just one of many good reasons to secure a website.


There is no good reason not to use SSL on your website

For those starting out online :Siteground because its simple to install SSL in just a few clicks

If you already have a website but no SSL: your first port of call should be to review if your existing host can sort it out for you. SSL is no longer an afterthought and many hosting companies offer free SSL or pricing that’s fair.


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