Business issues, can a coach really help?

An Interview with Jana Honkova a Certified Coach for Individuals, Corporations, and Non-profits.

Having business issues; do we need a coach? During this week’s Podcast, I spoke to Jana Honková, a certified coach who helps people in business and non-profit organizations.

During the chat we spoke about: How coaching can help!

How coaching can help with our mental health.
How coaching helps clarify your business and personal vision and values.
How coaching enables you to identify what steps you need to take to achieve your business or personal goals.

We also spoke about Jana’s Better World initiative. Which is aimed at creating more balance, equality, and inclusion for all through coaching of organizations. Such as the Children’s Crisis Centre, Mary’s Meals and others.

Jana explains the primary role of a coach as someone who creates a safe environment away from stress and judgment. Only then can the client relax and think of creative solutions to their challenges. The coach acts as a facilitator who is using questions to invite the client to explore their topic, journey, and themselves.

We also had a chat about the importance of boundaries and how coaching can help you see and respect them.

Finally, we spoke about the impact some challenges/problems can have on our health and work life and how action plans created through coaching help us act (rather than just speaking about what needs to get done).

Jana’s Final Message to everyone is:

Sign up for a coaching session to see for yourself what coaching can do for you and whether it fits your needs; treat it as a test/trial run just like when you are trying out a new application or a delivery service. Only continue using it if it makes sense to you.



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Having business issues do we need a coach

Having business issues do we need a coach?

Jana Honkova Contact Details


Visit Jana’s, website to learn more about how she helps her clients.




Email: jana.honk@gmail.com

I specialise in helping Businesses who provide services , professionals , freelancers, health , wellness, local and  Startups.  Designing , Creating and  Managing  WordPress Sites. Presenting online workshops 1 to 1 training on zoom. Creating digital content blog posts , social video , social graphics and much more. The focus of my business is to help business to compete in the online space by creating customer focused content. I really enjoy teaching and helping business understand what to do and how to promote their businesses in the online space

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