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Our Services cater to Digital Content Creation as we can Create Digital Content To Promote You Online:

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digital contentit matters

Creating Digital Content Is An Opportunity?

Put simply search engines love great website content (social content) because they exist to provide relevant and informative content to their visitors. If the fundamentals are done coorectly, they reward it by showing it to an audience!

Apart from giving contact details, maybe a map and a list of products or services, what value are you actually giving a visitor to your website, for example? Or on your social media accounts?

But Lots of People Have Challenges Creating Content?

Have You Lots of Time for Research?

Do you know how to Format Blog Posts?

Do you know how to Keyword Posts?

Do You Know how to Optimise Images?

Do You Know how to create/upload Video?

Don't Know how to use WordPress?

digital contentit matters

Why Content Marketing Matters?

Content marketing helps businesses engage with their audience, build trust, and drive profitable customer action. By creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content, businesses can attract and retain a clearly defined audience, enhancing brand visibility and recognition, fostering a sense of authority and trustworthiness and enhancing search engine optimization (SEO), increasing organic search traffic thus generating leads. 


Search Engines 

Quality-Relevant – Informative content will help you  or your business to be found online!

Showcase Expertise

Skills & Knowledge

Content either explicitly or implicitly showcased your knowledge & expertise.

Your Brand

Increasing Brand Awareness

Your content once relevant to an audience greatly increases brand awareness online.

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Content Planyou need a Structure & Plan

 Content  Does Not Appear By Magic!

I discuss and agree a Content Plan with you!

Content just for content’s sake is pointless – Because so doing is like throwing mud at the wall hoping it will stick! There has to be a plan and objective for it! 

Content Plan

Content Type

Canva Design


We Agree a Content Plan

A content plan is essential for successful content marketing because it provides a structured framework to align content with your objectives and the needs of your audience. It ensures consistency in messaging, maintains engagement and guides potential customers towards conversion.

A content plan also aids in the production and distribution of content across channels and afterwards, analytics can measure what works well and what doesnt.

We Decide the Content Types To Use

The choice of what type of content to use in content marketing matters, because different content types cater to various consumer preferences and learning styles, which impacts engagement levels and message retention.

For instance, videos might appeal more to visual learners, while blogs can better suit those who prefer in-depth reading. Infographics may perform well on visual platforms like Pinterest, whereas detailed articles might resonate more on professional networks like LinkedIn.

Diverse content types can help maintain interest, enhancing the overall effectiveness of content marketing campaigns.

Using Canva Designs

Visual design is really matters in content marketing because it significantly influences first impressions, user engagement, and message clarity.

Effective visual design can capture attention quickly, making content more appealing and easier to digest and reinforces brand recognition and trust among consumers.

As a Canva Champion I can use my Canva knowledge to enhance the user experience of your audience helping your content to be shared, extending reach and impact

The Promotion Plan

Creating a promotion plan for your content is crucial – to plan that the right audience sees and engages with the content you produce. I can work with you on a promotion plan outline to decide what channels and strategies will be used to distribute content, for the best reach and engagement. This includes selecting appropriate social media platforms that align with your target audience's preferences and behaviours.

Additionally, a promotion plan allows the creation of a schedule, for consistent delivery and keeping your audience engaged over time. By systematically promoting content, you can boost visibility, drive traffic, and encourage meaningful interactions, all of which are vital for building brand awareness and creating conversions.

I can help!

ServicesOffer Service

What Content I can offer you?

Just some of what we can do for you or with you!

WordPress Blog Posts

Done For You or With You!

LinkedIn Articles

Opportunity- overlooked by many!

Simple Videos

Can broadcast a lot of information for you!

Social Graphics

Using Canva & other tools- lots of choice!


We do the heavy lifting for you!


Continue to have lots of uses offline/online!

Aboutabout me

I am here to help you create content and promote your bramd


Rosemary O Shaughnessy

Digital Content Manager

Every client differs, as do their needs. Once we hold a discovery call, I can determine how I can help you with content creation for your business and its promotion.

I can work on a project basis or on a more regular basis, all to be discussed. 

“CONTENT is the reason search began in the first place”

Content marketing requires consistency for it to work and takes time because it’s a marathon and not a sprint, but it is also a huge opportunity for many out there.

Many of you shy away from it, but think about it-Why would an audience hang out on your channels or website if there is nothin of interest to consume?

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