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Frequently Asked

How do you charge?.

Not all jobs are created equal, time-wise, so I charge by project or by hour. Obviously when we talk I can be precise so Let’s Talk!

Can You Work with my content?

Yes, I will review it, offer suggestions and then amend-format-edit and publish. I can promote content as well on your social media accounts.

Can You create fresh content for me?

Yes after discussion I will work out a plan and then proceed to create draft content for you for your approval. 

Can you manage my social media?

Yes, content created for online purposes needs to be promoted through social media to get noticed more quickly than through Google alone. I can also work alongside key staff for a while to educate and train, the goal being for them to take over.

Do you offer training?

Yes, one to one training through Zoom with any demonstrations recorded for you to refer back to.

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Listen to my short message on the video.

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Caroline Lennon

It’s my absolute pleasure to write a testimonial for Rosemary to acknowledge the time and effort that she gave to developing a website for me that was congruent with my values and ministry. The first time Rosemary came to my attention was when she introduced herself to me on LinkedIn. It’s been my experience that Rosemary is a professional who gives adequate time to determine what her client requires, and then works incredibly hard to deliver on what’s promised. I have found Rosemary to be a fair and incredibly patient person. Her level of engagement has been commendable. I’m thrilled with the website for Ceremonial Services and have been receiving excellent feedback on it. I have no hesitation in recommending Rosemary or her company for website development.

Caroline Lennon

Ceremonial Services

Sharon Fitzpatrick

I would highly recommend Rosemary O’Shaughnessy, Freelance Digital Content Manager. Extremely professional and conscientious. Excellent eye for detail. Very knowledgeable in her field. She listened to my brief and delivered above expectations. Regularly liaised and she explained everything that was being done in a transparent manner. I would trust Rosemary 100% and I will be asking her for my future business needs. Her professionalism is outstanding. I am so glad I decided to go ahead with her services. Can’t thank her enough. Thanks very much, Rosemary for everything.

Sharon Fitzpatrick

LifeStyle with Sharon

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