Be Your Own Designer

Because You Can Be One with Canva.

One Place For All Your Design Needs

If its visual You Can Design it in Canva

Be Your Own Designer

Because You Can Be with Canva

You Can Be Your Own Designer With Canva

You know that your customers or leads are VISUAL creatures. We all relate to a picture that resonates with us. We all know in reality that visuals are important in all online promotions. Graphics catch our attention!

If asked what is….the biggest benefit of using Canva……my take is that it is a tool to save anyone lots of time.

For many business owners and freelancers, the ability to hire a graphic designer to create for example social media promotional graphics is not realistic cost-wise.

Why not be the master of your own destiny and learn how to use Canva, where all of your design needs are in one place?

Our Canva Services

Canva Training

With our Canva training, you will Fastrack your understanding of the platform and will learn the essentials quickly. Our specialized training is 1 to 1 on Zoom and personalized towards your business sector.

You will learn how to use the platform and be confident moving forward on your own and the training sessions are recorded for you for revision and reference.

Canva Done For You

Unless you are adept at creating visual content you will appreciate that creating visuals for online promotion takes time and time is a precious resource for us all.

We can create done-for-you designs to use on your social platforms to promote your products or services so that you save time and we offer realistic pricing. Just contact us and we can chat.

Capabilities of Canva

It can do a lot more than just create social media graphics.

From Videos to Book Covers to stylish PDF reports there is just so much that you can do that benefits you both online and offline.

Just look at the carousel below to get an idea of all you can do with Canva.

Just Some of the Things YOU CAN DO with Canva


Source-Edit Graphics

Create Videos

Create Carousels

Make E-books

Covers for Social platforms

YouTube thumbnails

Properly Sized Graphics for:

Facebook – Twitter –  Instagram – LinkedIn

One Tool – One Place For all Your Design Needs!

Become your own designer with a tool that grows with you as your skills grow.

Create Videos, Banners, Flyers, Custom Images and more with a huge library of templates to choose from.

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