Benefits of Leaving your Comfort Zone

In this week’s podcast,
I speak with Alana O Regan who is a business mindset and success coach. We discuss how fear holds us back and the benefits of leaving our comfort zone.

Whilst Alana is a coach she has a background in the creative sector with extensive experience as an event producer. 
As we discuss in the podcast lots of people aspire to do new things or try new things either in their business or personal life but then fear of leaving their comfort zone creeps in-doubts emerge etc etc.
In the podcast we touch upon some interesting topics:
  • Accepting fear as a fact of life and making it your friend.
  •  How fear ties in with our comfort zone.
  • Why faith and belief overcome fear.
  • Why faith fear can be a good sign that you are progressing.


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Guest - Alana O Regan

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