Podcast Interview with Mitali Deypurkaystha author of best selling book The Freedom Master Plan before it was published. Who helps Coaches Speakers and Consultants to Become an Authority Online by becoming an author?

Become an Authority Online: Lots of business people out there are genuine experts in their fields?. Many people who are successful are often passionate about their sector of expertise.

And many such people have thought about writing a book to share their perspective and advice, but pull back from fear of the unknown.

Therefore I was delighted to interview Mitali Deypurkaystha author of The Freedom Master Plan, also known as the Authority Creator who is a leading copywriter and ghostwriter, authoring seven business books.

She has now launched her own book in March 2021 The Freedom Master Plan  (graphic below-website details below) and as I was invited to the official launch. I decided to do this Podcast for my audience, hopefully, to inspire budding authors in the making out there.

Mitali is in the business of teaching mainly coaches, consultants and speakers how to write their own books and become a published author which apart from the satisfaction it gives to share knowledge and advice about their passion also advances their actual business by establishing “authority (as a published author)”

In the Podcast as well as talking about Mitali’s upcoming book launch, amongst other things we also discuss!

Personal satisfaction in writing a book

Why the book itself isn’t a business-BUT why the book can be an incredible lead generation tool

The importance of getting the book out there

How to Leverage the book

Why a business book is not like a novel

Writing tips…….And more…..

For you budding authors, ditch your fears and get this book and having read the book myself I highly recommend it to my blog audience.






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Become an Authority Online

Mitali Deypurkaystha – Contact Details:


      the freedom masterplan





Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Recommended tools for writing a book.

readable.com             mindful42.com                  otter.ai

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