Canva Can Speed Up Your WordPress Marketing?


The purpose of this post is just to highlight how using Canva can speed up your WordPress marketing in ways that whilst very obvious, you may not have considered,

Canva comes into its own for those of you who cannot afford to hire a graphic designer.

If you have not tried it, Canva is a cloud-based design tool that makes all sorts of varieties of design possibilities accessible to pretty much anyone. 

Think of Canva as Photoshop done quick…but without the huge learning curve. Photoshop is an amazing tool, but for a novice or beginner, it’s daunting to use.

In my experience many of my clients and indeed leads are acquainted with Canva, obviously some more so than others, but it often surprises me how many people and beginners to Canva in particular are not fully aware of what the platform can bring to the table for your content marketing efforts on your WordPress site.

If you are prepared to play the content marketing game, the rewards are good after a bit of time, and a site with great content will always beat a content-shy site.

The thing is though that you can spend ages creating a blog post when there are methods to get the job done quickly, and when it comes to creating design assets to spice up that text post a little bit Canva comes into its own.

Just Some Canva Features To use in WordPress?


Can be great, especially to showcase some products.



Create your newsletters in Canva and embed them on your site.



Create presentations in Canva and just embed them on your site.


Hero Images

Simple to complex design that you create, download and use on pages or posts.



Create videos in Canva and embed on a page or post on WordPress.


Widget Banners

Create great banner images for products and services to use on the sidebar,


Have a fresh look at your WordPress site and see what could be spruced up using Canva embed and Canva links because through using them remember:


  • You don’t have to worry about storage limits on your WP hosting package
  • Canva isn’t just for images, you can embed more complex designs on a page or post – like slide presentations and even videos

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